Custom Sonic Branding

Music for podcasts, videos, & marketing.

Our simple, fun process results in podcast intro music, audio marks for video, social media, and more.

Hear client samples:

Standard Package Samples

Premium Package Samples

Wisdom, Wealth, and Wellness Podcast - Sting 2 (Long)

Wisdom, Wealth, and Wellness Podcast - Outro (Short)

Why you need it

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You can't phone it in when it comes to sound.

Your brand has a look and feel, but what about your sound? Music is directly tied to emotion and memory in the brain, with much stronger and faster association than visuals. Think about NPR Driveway Moments, McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” jingle, and the Netflix ba-dum. Sound makes a brand.

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More Sounds & Custom Packages

  • Executive Walk-On Music (for keynote speakers / company events)
  • Room Warming Music (looping at your event)
  • Bulk deals for multiple podcasts (intro/outro, stingers, mid-roll ad insert tones and more)

How this works:

  1. Purchase either the Standard Package or Premium Package.
  2. Complete our Sonic Branding Questionnaire (10 minutes)
  3. Our composer creates unique music matching your six brand adjectives with optional voice-over.
  4. You provide feedback with up to two rounds of revision.
  5. You receive final audio files to use in your podcast, videos, or WealthVoice Broadcasts.

Your time investment: ~1 hour
Total turnaround to final package: 2.5 weeks

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WealthVoice adds another medium to our marketing. We can reinforce our message and better emphasize key concepts, but more importantly it provides another way to meet our clients where they are. It’s really about choice and preference.
Communicating through voice has another unexpected benefit: it drives you to clarity of message, forces you to synthesize your ideas and strategies into short powerful statements that educate and motivate without confusing.
Voice is power. It empowers your clients and makes you a better advisor.
James Werner

Co-Founder & Wealth Advisor, Silicon Hills Wealth Management

Advisors’ biggest marketing challenge is staying engaged and relevant. WealthVoice allows you to be present for clients where they are, and connect with authenticity and efficiency.

Perth Tolle

Founder, Life + Liberty Indexes

I’ve been fortunate enough to be included in the early release of this, and it is hands-down a tool that every advisor is going to want in their toolbox. Get ready for WealthVoice.
Jon Porter

CEO, Three Bell Capital