Mini-Podcast Scripts: Personal Finance Topics

~3 Minute Scripts for
Podcasts, Audiograms, or WealthVoice

Want to share your voice but not sure what to say?

Use our mini-podcast scripts!

Optional call-outs let you customize the text to share your unique perspective.

You can use these anywhere:

Bonus content for your podcast, social media audiograms, and/or WealthVoice Broadcasts.

How you use it:

  1. Purchase a 4-script bundle.
  2. You’ll receive a PDF including optional call-outs to customize the text.
  3. Record a script as a voice memo or mp3 and publish on WealthVoice, on your podcast as a bonus episode, or create an audiogram and share on social media / embed on your blog.

Choose your audience:

The Next Gen Bundle

Four 3-minute scripts about topics for millennial investors

Next Gen podcast script bundle - Content 151 and WealthVoice

The SECURE 2.0 Bundle

Four 3-minute scripts about SECURE 2.0 (with updates)

SECURE 2.0 podcast script bundle - Content 151 and WealthVoice

The Boomer Bundle

Four 3-minute scripts about topics for retiring or retired investors

Boomer retirement podcast script bundle - Content 151 and WealthVoice

The HNW Client Bundle

Four 3-minute scripts about topics for HNW clients

Next Gen podcast script bundle - Content 151 and WealthVoice

Voice Marketing / Social Media: Do Audiograms Work?

What you get:

Choose any of these bundles:

1) The Boomer Bundle. These scripts address topics relevant to anyone retired or close to retirement.

2) The Next Gen Bundle. These scripts focus on issues facing younger clients in the wealth building stage of life.

3) The High Net Worth (HNW) Bundle: These scripts offer sophisticated investor content.

4) The SECURE 2.0 Bundle: Are your clients asking questions about what this law — passed in the December lull — means for them?

Or worse yet: Are your clients totally oblivious to new legislation that has the potential to impact them? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

The SECURE 2.0 bundle includes 4 scripts, with more coming as we learn more about the legislation.

Why you need WealthVoice Scripts:

Spend less time agonizing over your content and more time benefiting from the impact of voice and audiograms like this one from Future Proof

Preview a script about recent market events (FTX / crypto):

FTX podcast script preview

Sample Script Do You Need to Worry About FTX

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WealthVoice adds another medium to our marketing. We can reinforce our message and better emphasize key concepts, but more importantly it provides another way to meet our clients where they are. It’s really about choice and preference.
Communicating through voice has another unexpected benefit: it drives you to clarity of message, forces you to synthesize your ideas and strategies into short powerful statements that educate and motivate without confusing.
Voice is power. It empowers your clients and makes you a better advisor.
James Werner

Co-Founder & Wealth Advisor, Silicon Hills Wealth Management

Advisors’ biggest marketing challenge is staying engaged and relevant. WealthVoice allows you to be present for clients where they are, and connect with authenticity and efficiency.

Perth Tolle

Founder, Life + Liberty Indexes

I’ve been fortunate enough to be included in the early release of this, and it is hands-down a tool that every advisor is going to want in their toolbox. Get ready for WealthVoice.
Jon Porter

CEO, Three Bell Capital