Podcast Voice Coaching + WealthVoice Script

Voice Coaching + Script


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Receive a personalized podcast voice coaching feedback video from Emily Binder along with a WealthVoice Script Bundle (4 customizable mini-pod scripts for your podcast or one-off audiograms).

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How does it work?

3 Simple Steps


You get a free WealthVoice Script Bundle (four 3-minute mini-podcast scripts about personal finance topics).


Record your voice reading one Script and send us the audio.


In 3-5 business days you’ll receive a personalized voice coaching feedback video from Emily Binder.

Why podcasters need this

A new study had 64 people record a passage that included the word hello, extracted each individual’s salutation, and played the words back to 320 listeners.

Not only did all of the listeners form personality profiles after hellos lasting less than a half-second, 92 percent of them developed the same profile for each voice.

Why optimizing your voice matters so much

Studies show that listeners draw immediate conclusions about the perceived personality of a speaker from even a single word.

What the researchers found was that the study participants’ judgments of the speakers’ trustworthiness, dominance and attractiveness were strongly correlated, no matter whether they heard the half-second single-word clip or the three-second sentence, and no matter whether the content of the clips was ambiguous or socially-relevant.

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Why asynchronous coaching is better

Instead of taking an hour of your day on a webinar, this async approach is better suited to the nuances of voice, allows your coach time to study your voice, and removes these frictions:

  • feeling on stage when live in front of other(s)
  • requiring yet another Zoom call
  • scheduling

This is easy.

After checkout, you will receive a complimentary WealthVoice Script Bundles.

How to get Voice Coaching + WealthVoice Script
  1. Purchase this product then you’ll be able to download the Scripts PDF.
  2. Voice record one script in the next three weeks (your mic or a smartphone voice memo is fine).
  3. Email your recording to hello @ wealthvoice dot ai with subject line: Voice Coaching Recording
  4. Within 3-5 business days, you’ll receive a personalized video from Emily Binder with feedback to help your podcast voice resonate even more. Feedback may include: pacing, inflection, tone, volume, breath, and/or pausing.
  5. Free content: You’re welcome to use this recording as a WealthVoice Broadcast and/or audiogram.