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Custom Podcast Music


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The Sound of Your Podcast or Brand

What it is:

Custom music for your audio and videos. This easy process delivers unique intro and outro music an an audio mark / sonic logo suitable for any content marketing with sound. Use this for your podcast, videos, YouTube, audiograms, TikTok, and more.

For two additional stingers / vamps and an extra round of revisions check out our Premium package.

Why it matters:

Custom sonic branding is important because it creates a unique and memorable audio identity for a brand, which helps:

  1. enhance brand recognition
  2. improve customer engagement
  3. create a cohesive and consistent brand experience across all touchpoints

Who makes it:

We partner with non-AI, real human composers We Time Audio House with extensive audio creation and sound engineering experience ranging from financial podcasts to CPG.

Who it’s for: Podcasters or non-podcasters creating audio or video.

Why You Need Custom Sonic Branding

How does it work?

3 Simple Steps


Purchase this item then complete a questionnaire (5-10 minutes).


We create music matching your six brand adjectives with optional voice-over (5-10 business days).


You approve (up to two rounds of revision within 2 weeks). Final audio delivered (within 1 week of revisions).

Hear Customer Samples

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If Your Podcast Borrows Stock Music…

Any content marketing you do should bear your brand. Visual brand identities (logo, color, fonts) are considered table stakes, but sonic logos are equally important in our multimedia world.

Custom sonic branding or music is important for podcasts because it helps to create a unique and recognizable audio identity, which can improve brand recognition, establish a consistent tone, and enhance overall production quality.

Borrowing from stock music means you’ll sound the same as other brands, which sounds like you have no brand.


Improved Brand Recognition

Custom sonic branding helps your brand create a unique and memorable audio identity that makes it easier for customers, clients, or prospects to recognize and remember your brand.

Not having on-brand, consistent music would be like having a website with no logo.

Enhance Brand Experience

Humans process sound 10x faster than the blink of an eye.

Music, emotion, and memory are stored in the same part of the brain. Brand lives nearby, in the subconsicous — direclty linked to sound memory.

Custom music creates a cohesive and consistent brand experience across all touchpoints, helping to establish your brand’s personality and values.

Increase Listener Engagement

Your music will evoke the right emotions, create a sense of nostalgia over time, and establish a deeper connection with your audience, leading to increased engagement and loyalty.

Deliverables (What You Get)

deliverables box

1) 7-12s intro and outro music (table stakes for recognition and mood setting on your podcast)

2) 1 audio mark/sonic logo (2-5s) … (like your own Netflix “ba-dum”)


Top 3 podcast uses for stingers and vamps:

Transitions: Signal a transition from one segment or topic to another. E.g., sound indicates that the hosts are moving on to a new segment or guest.

Breaks: A brief musical interlude or background music during breaks in the podcast or before/after ads. This can help to maintain energy and engagement between segments and prevent listeners from getting bored.

Emphasis: Emphasize an important point or punchline. For example, a dramatic chord might be played to highlight a surprising or emotional moment in the conversation.