WealthVoice Scripts: Boomer Bundle

4 Audiograms Bundle


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Content for Easy Voice Marketing

What it is: Four scripts for 3-minute mini-podcasts or audiograms based on a specific investor audience.

Who it’s for: Podcasters or non-podcasters who want bite-size voice marketing content for social media.

What you get: 4 scripts you can read as-is or customize and use for your podcast bonus episodes or audiograms.

Boomer Bundle

This addresses topics relevant to the boomer generation, i.e. anyone retired or very close to it.

Topics in This Bundle


  1. Sequence risk
  2. Inflation
  3. What is probate?
  4. Volatility

How does it work?

3 Simple Steps


Purchase this product and you’ll receive a PDF.


Record your voice reading each 3-minute Script aloud.


Publish the mp3 to your podcast as a bonus episode or create an audiogram. (Want it done-for-you? Add our Audiogram Bundle.)

Example Audiogram

Why you need this

podcaster microphone graphic illustration for WealthVoice Audiogram Bundle

Professionally written content lets you share your voice efficiently.

These Scripts lend well to audiograms, which get 4x the engagement of text and link based social media posts about podcasts.

Zero-click content is the fastest growing, most effective social media format.

Social Media Benefits

Audiograms are the best way to market your podcast on social media, especially on short-form apps like TikTok or Instagram, where people scroll through their feed.

Thumb-stopping: An attractive podcast clip with an eye-catching graphic and soundwaves immediately intrigues the average viewer.
Zero-Click Content Benefits
Your audiogram is a stand-alone piece of content that delivers value without forcing additional clicks. Zero-click is the most popular and accessible form of social media content. It’s also the most effective at building an audience.
Brand Building Benefits
Your audiogram capture attention and advertise your show to new and existing listeners.
Attention is the first part of the A.I.D.A. foundation of marketing: Attention, Interest, Desire/Decision, and Action.