Image sizes and tips for WealthVoice graphics

While some users have audio-only smart speakers, such as the Echo Dot, the majority of active users have multimodal (voice + visual) devices like the Echo Show 5, Kindle Fire, and Amazon Fire TV.

That’s why your WealthVoice app (Alexa Skill) is built for both:

Echo Dot is audio-onlyEcho Show models are multimodal
(voice + visual)

WealthVoice allows you to create a voice-first experience that is supported by clean, simple visuals matching your unique brand. Much like Squarespace does with built-in site layouts and themes, we have templatized the layout of these visuals based on voice user interface best practices. Our layouts are responsive across device screens ranging from the Echo Show 5 (5-inch screen) to the Amazon Fire TV display (5-foot screen).

All screens in your WealthVoice skill have two image components that you can control in your Skill Builder at

  1. Foreground (square images up to 1080×1080 pixels, .png or .jpg)
  2. Background (rectangular image: 1080×720 pixels, .png or .jpg) 

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 of 2: Foreground images

Must be:

512×512 to 1080×1080 pixels, .png or .jpg

Larger images are preferable to avoid pixelation: We suggest 1080×1080 png images.


  • If you are using a solid color background then a transparent .png for your company logo will look best. 
  • If you upload a background image instead of using a color then you may prefer a logo with a solid color background logo (such as a black logo on white background).

Where foreground images appear:

  1. Your Branding (your Alexa skill icon) – use your company logo
  2. Welcome / Welcome Back screen – use your company logo
  3. About – use your company logo
  4. Bios – use up to three individual headshots

2 of 2: Background images

Must be:

At least 1080×720 pixels, .png or .jpg

If you opt for an image instead of choosing a solid color using our HEX color picker: 

  • We suggest you use different images to differentiate between the screens, however they should be on theme and in the same color family
  • Textural backgrounds such as landscapes or nature are ideal for smart displays because they are not sensitive to cropping and resizing, which Amazon does automatically across varying screen sizes. You should avoid a team photo due the way Amazon programs responsiveness today.
  • You can find beautiful royalty free photos for free on sites like or
  • Then resize those images into 1080×720 using an image editing tool such as Photoshop or a free tool like or
  • QUICK and EASY – grab these free pre-sized textural backgrounds

Where background images appear:

  1. Welcome / Welcome Back screen – use a solid color or a textural background: this will go behind your foreground image (your company logo)
  2. About – use a solid color or a textural background: this will go behind your foreground image (your company logo)
  3. Bios – use a solid color or a textural background: this will go behind your foreground image(s) (your headshot(s))