What is a broadcast?

It’s a short audio recording of your voice to share updates, news, or information. We suggest keeping it under 3-5 minutes most of the time, or under 15-20 minutes if you’re syncing a podcast episode (but there is no minimum or maximum length).

Example Broadcasts (voice briefings):

Example audiogram of a Broadcast from Vertex Capital (Instagram):

How to publish or schedule your broadcast 

  1. Login to https://app.wealthvoice.ai/log_in
  2. Choose Broadcasts and upload your mp3
  3. Publish now or schedule it

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Announcing your broadcast on email and social media

Clients who’ve enabled your skill will receive an Alexa notification on their device when you publish a broadcast. But you may want to give them an extra heads-up in case they miss it. This is also a good way to let them know about your Alexa skill.

You can email them and/or post on social media using the copy below.

What you’ll need:

  • Your Alexa Quick Link (find it on the left menu in your dashboard)
  • Your invocation phrase (“Alexa, open [YOUR SKILL NAME]”). Typically it is your company or podcast name.

Draft text for your announcement email

Hint: update the purple text with your own information.

Subject line: New! Get our best insights hands-free on Alexa

Body text:


Now you can hear our latest updates, best insights, and check out our team’s bios and company mission hands-free.

We are Alexa-enabled for your convenience! How to get our WealthVoice:

  1. Login to your Amazon account on desktop or mobile.
  2. Enable our Alexa Skill: [YOUR QUICK LINK]
  3. Say, “Alexa, ask [YOUR SKILL NAME] for the update.”

You’ll receive an Alexa notification on your device the next time we have an update. 

Access more content by saying: “Alexa, open [YOUR SKILL NAME].”

Hear our latest WealthVoice anytime with this one-shot phrase:

“Alexa, ask [YOUR SKILL NAME] to play the latest update.”

Tip: This works on Echo smart speakers, Kindle, Fire TV, and even in the Amazon mobile shopping app by tapping the blue Alexa icon on the bottom right.

Thanks for tuning in and we hope you enjoy our voice updates!


Example email from Three Bell Capital to clients:

Subject line: We have an update for you


Hi [FIRST NAME]! We have an update for you available on Alexa. How to listen:

Login to your Amazon account.

Enable our Skill: https://alexa-skills.amazon.com/apis/custom/skills/amzn1.ask.skill.080198fc-042e-435a-9c81-f38b6931d7cd/launch

Say, “Alexa, ask Three Bell Capital for the latest update.”

You’ll receive an Alexa notification on your device the next time we have an update. 

In the future, you can go directly to our latest update by saying:

“Alexa, ask Three Bell Capital to play the latest update.”

Thanks for tuning in!


Draft text for your social media posts

Copy and paste the below text to share this on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

How to use this copy: Update the bracketed text with your own information. Add your own Alexa Quick Link URL (find it in your dashboard). You can also include your custom talk bubble graphics provided in your Getting Started Guide that we emailed when your Skill went live.

Asset-Map shared an audiogram on LinkedIn with a preview of their latest WealthVoice broadcast. Their post text includes the Asset-Map Alexa Quick Link.

Social post 1: (announce a broadcast and explain how to enable and listen)

New! We have an update for you available on Alexa. 

How to listen:

  1. Enable our skill: [YOUR ALEXA QUICK LINK] or say “Alexa, enable [YOUR SKILL NAME]”
  2. Say, “Alexa, ask [YOUR SKILL NAME] to play the latest update.”

Example tweet from @onrampinvest:

New! We have an update for you on Alexa. How to get it:

Enable: https://alexa-skills.amazon.com/apis/custom/skills/amzn1.ask.skill.736f5c63-32c4-4373-b653-86b1f8088920/launch or say “Alexa, enable Onramp Invest.”

“Alexa, ask Onramp Invest to play the update.”

Social post 2: (announce skill and update)

We’re hands-free! Get the latest update from [YOUR COMPANY NAME] on Alexa. 

How to listen:


“Alexa, enable [YOUR SKILL NAME].“

“Alexa, ask [YOUR SKILL NAME] to play the latest update.”

Social post 3: (announce skill and Bio #1)

New! Get hands-free updates from your financial advisor and learn more about our team.

  1. Enable our Alexa skill: [YOUR ALEXA QUICK LINK]
  2. Say: “Alexa, tell me about [INSERT YOUR NAME OR EXACT JOB TITLE FROM YOUR BIO]”

Social Post 4 (announce new skill and get people to enable):

New! Get key insights and updates so you can [LEVEL UP YOUR INVESTING / ACCOMPLISH XYZ / UNDERSTAND MARKETS BETTER].

We’re sharing our most popular content, insights, and announcements hands-free.

Just say, “Alexa, enable [YOUR SKILL NAME].”

Or send a reminder to your Amazon Echo: [YOUR ALEXA QUICK LINK]

Michael Baker shared this Vertex Capital audiogram on Instagram, promoting “Alexa, enable Vertex Capital” in the caption. The audiogram is under three minutes and gives people a way to enable the skill get new updates.

Social Post 5 (get people to play the latest update):

What do you need to know about managing your investments in 2021? Hear updates from your advisor hands-free on Alexa!

Enable our skill: [YOUR ALEXA QUICK LINK]

Then say, “Alexa, ask [YOUR SKILL NAME] for the latest update.”

Social Post 6  (remind people they can access on their smartphone or Echo speaker):

Get timely, meaningful messages from your advisor about markets and your investments. 

Now we’re sharing our insights hands-free (and germ-free!) on Alexa.

Enable on your smartphone’s Alexa app or Echo device:


Then say, “Alexa, open [YOUR SKILL NAME].”


See more social media post examples and sample scripts in our blog post:

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