What is a HEX code?

A hex code is six digits (numbers and/or letters) that represent every color and shade.


WealthVoice green: #0b8f44

Black: #FFFFFF

White: #000000

For your Alexa skill’s background screens, we recommend that you use a color from your brand’s color palette (the colors in your logo and your website).

Method A – Use a free website on PC, Mac, or mobile:

  1. Go to https://imagecolorpicker.com on your computer, phone, or tablet. You can use this free tool to identify the HEX code of any color in an uploaded image or from a website. This method will work in any web browser on most devices.
  2. Upload an image or enter a URL. You’ll need to decide whether you want to upload your own image or use an image or website. Either method can be used to display a picture or webpage for you to select your desired color.

a. To upload an image, scroll down and select Upload your image, navigate to the image on your device, and select the option to upload:

b. To use a website, scroll down to the “Use this box to get the HTML color code from a website” option, enter the URL, and then click or tap Take website:

c. To select a direct image on the web instead of a whole website, enter the URL to the image into the “Use this box to get the HTML color code from a picture via this URL” box, then click or tap Take an image.

3. Click or tap the color you want within the image/site preview on the same page. This displays the HEX code at the bottom-left corner of the screen:

4. Click or tap the copy icon to copy the HEX code to your clipboard. It’s the two overlapping squares to the right of the HEX code when you hover over the code. You can then paste it directly into any typing area including the HEX color picker on app.wealthvoice.ai. Tip: save your code in a document or note for future use.

Method B – Use Digital Color Meter on Mac:

  1. Search for the built-in application called Digital Color Meter. Click the search icon in the top right then begin typing “Digital Color Meter”. Double click to open the application.

Alternatively, open Finder, double-click the Applications folder, double-click the Utilities folder, and then double-click Digital Color Meter to open it.

2. Open your browser and go to your website or open an image file that contains the color you want (such as your logo). As you move the mouse, the values in the tool will update in real time. Click the Digital Color Meter’s icon in your dock to bring its window forward to see this happening.

3. Move the mouse cursor to the color you want to identify and leave the cursor there. Don’t move your mouse from this location until you lock both the horizontal and vertical apertures:

4. Press ⌘ Command + L (type ⌘ next to your space bar, hold it down, then type then L and release). This locks both the horizontal and vertical apertures, which means the color value will not change when you move the mouse.

5. Click the Color menu and select Copy Color as Text:

6. Hit Command + V (type ⌘ next to your space bar, hold it down, then type then V and release) to paste your HEX code into a document or note so you can save this code for future use.

Want to find another HEX code?

7. Press ⌘ Command + L  (type ⌘ next to your space bar, hold it down, then type L and release) to unlock the apertures. If you want to identify another color, now you’ve released the lock so the cursor once again acts as a color value identifier. Repeat the above steps for your second color.