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What is a Broadcast?

It’s a short audio recording of your voice to share updates, news, or information.

Hear a sample: 

Play Asset-Map’s broadcast (audiogram)

When should I send a Broadcast?

Send a Broadcast whenever you have information to communicate to clients. 

This could be daily, weekly, monthly, or at any interval you like. Some advisors send Broadcasts when they have an update that they are sending via email or a publishing as a blog post. You can send Broadcasts in place of these, too. 

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You can have a regular cadence or send them as needed.

Q: How long should my Broadcast be?

A: Aim for 125-200 words, about 1 to 3 minutes. 30 seconds is also a fine length for a quick voice tweet (example: listen to Tyrone Ross’s first WealthVoice.) It’s fine if you go longer because there is no time limit. 

Most people listen to Alexa at home in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom while doing other tasks. This means they may be in that room for a couple minutes at a time. Remember that people can access your Broadcast on their smartphone in the Amazon or Alexa mobile apps, or in the car through their Echo Auto or native assistant in BMW and other makes.

Tip: You will have the option in Broadcasts to paste your text and have Alexa’s voice read the update if you’re unable to record.

Q: What should my Broadcast script say?

Sample script (this is 96 words = about 28 seconds read aloud):

Hi, this is Jon Porter, CEO of Three Bell Capital. 

An expected pivot by central banks has materialized. Now what? Financial conditions in key developed economies have become more accommodative as a result, even though the lift to the broader economy has yet to kick in. We see policy easing helping sustain the economic expansion, and the likelihood of a growth pickup over the next six to twelve months.  

We are confident in staying the course with your portfolio based on our long term strategy.

Thank you for choosing Three Bell Capital. I appreciate your business.

Now you try it. Copy the below text into an empty document then fill in the bracketed sections with your information:

Hi, this is [your name], [your title] of [your company name].

[SUMMARIZE YOUR MARKET PERSPECTIVE, ADVICE, A TIP, AN INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE, OR IMPORTANT MESSAGE/UPDATE IN ABOUT 75-200 WORDS OR 1-3 SHORT PARAGRAPHS. Some advisors will simply share their latest blog post, read aloud, and maybe add a bit of commentary before or after. This is a good place to start if you’re not sure what to say.]

Thank you for choosing [your company name]. I appreciate your business. 

Q: Do you have scripts I can use for my Broadcast or mini-podcast?

Yes! If you want to share your voice but aren’t sure what to say or need inspiration, click here for our WealthVoice Script Bundles powered by Content151 and award-winning financial news content creator and journalist Shawna Ohm.

Each mini-podcast content bundle includes four scripts with callouts for how you can customize the text to highlight the value you bring to the table. (Don’t want to customize? Just use them as-is!)

We’re currently offering two bundles with more coming soon:

  1. The Boomer Bundle. This addresses topics relevant to the boomer generation, i.e. anyone retired or approaching retirement.
  2. The Next Gen Bundle. This package focuses more on issues facing younger clients in the wealth building stage of life.

What you get:

  • Bundles each have 4 scripts
  • Each script is tailored for a ~3 minute voice recording
  • Choose from two audience options
  • Read a script as-is or follow prompts to add your own tweaks
  • Record as a voice memo or mp3 and share on your podcast, audiograms, or as a WealthVoice Broadcast

Check out WealthVoice Script Packages.

How to record and save your audio file (mp3)

Record: Simply plug your microphone (see the above Equipment section) into your computer and record in your audio program:

  • For Mac users, we recommend free programs including Quicktime or GarageBand for Mac
  • For PC users, we recommend Voice Recorder for Windows 10 (here is a guide), or if you want to do any editing, the free program Audacity for Windows is popular among podcasters.

Don’t have a microphone yet? Use your phone: done is better than perfect!

iPhone users: record with Apple’s native Voice Memos app. Then choose your recording, tap the ellipsis (three dot icon) on the left, and choose Share then select to AirDrop to your Mac, or email it to yourself, or share it to Google Drive, Dropbox, or another cloud service.

Android users: Use a free app such as Easy Voice Recorder then export or share the mp3 to your computer, email it to yourself, or share it to your preferred cloud file service such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

On your computer: Save the mp3 with a filename such as: wealthvoice-update-01.25.2022.mp3 and upload it in Broadcasts. Your past Broadcasts will remain available to you under the Sent section ( However, Alexa users will only be able to access your most recent Broadcast, like an Instagram story. 

Make them last longer by creating audiograms. Upgrade to Platinum to receive two audiograms done-for-you each month: email with subject line “Upgrade”.