What’s the ROI of an Alexa Skill? Before we answer that, let’s look at actual 2021 results from a live WealthVoice skill and explain one of the KPIs (key performance indicators) from the analytics. We’ll also cover our approach to maintaining your beautiful, simple voice experience on Alexa so you don’t have to worry about it.

Customer results on WealthVoice, 2021 lifetime stats for Alexa Skill sessions (user interactions).

We’re taking you behind the curtain into the Alexa Developer Console where we build and monitor your voice app. A lot of technical work goes into keeping your smooth vocal stylings hands-free so your clients feel connected and impressed. You won’t see it, we just do it.

Performance summary stats for a real WealthVoice customer’s Alexa skill, January-May 2021:

Intent confidence: This maps user utterances such as “Play the latest update” to your Alexa skill’s intents with high, medium, and low confidence. Strong skills perform in the high 90s to 100% (high confidence).

Results – KPIs:

  • 📈 485 of the 490 utterances have high confidence: this means that 99% of the commands the end user gave Alexa were answered.
  • 💯 515 of the 515 responses our skill gave the end user were successful.

What is a WealthVoice skill?

It’s a voice-controlled app (“skill”) on Alexa that notifies clients on their smart speaker when you post a broadcast (a mini podcast / briefing). Here’s a video demo:

Bottom line on Alexa Skill stats:

🗣 High numbers are good. In a voice app, you want to fulfill the user’s intent as often as possible. This avoids frustrating them and subjecting sweet Lexy to their expletive wrath.

Our process for developing Alexa skills:

  1. 👷🏽‍ Build it:
    When we build your Alexa app, we do it right the first time so you’re set up for success. That’s one reason our product is premium compared to the cheap or free DIY voice creation tools or hiring someone on Fiverr. If you’re busy and want a polished, reliable, done-for-you experience that takes no more than an hour of your time, we’re for you.
  2. 👩🏻‍ Monitor it:
    We monitor your skill’s performance and continually update our technology to keep up with the ever changing Alexa platform.
  3. 🎤 How you use it:
    You broadcast your voice by uploading an mp3 to app.wealthvoice.ai whenever you want. You don’t have to worry about anything on the report above. But if you’re on our Premium plan, we’ll send you a monthly KPI summary so you know who’s listening and how often.