Over 30% of searches are done without a screen (voice search). Alexa is the number one voice assistant and Amazon Echo has smart speaker market share.

Ranking on Amazon, the third largest search engine in the world, is powerful for SEO. If you have an Alexa Skill (like a WealthVoice or Flash Briefing), these tips will help you get more legitimate Amazon reviews and provide an SEO boost for your Alexa Skill.

Here’s how to find, enable, and review an Alexa Skill on Amazon. Plus, find out why this matters for SEO (search engine optimization) for brands in any industry.

Note: Alexa Skills are FREE for your audience to enable.

Example of what we call a “blue ocean” in voice search (namely on Amazon):

Search for “investing” – how many results?

  • Amazon.com – Alexa Skills search: 157 results
  • Google search: 1,610,000,000 results (1.6 billion!)

In the below video, Emily does a couple demonstration searches for popular keywords in different industries that compete heavily for online search authority:

  • Finance – “investing”
  • Fitness brands – “fitness tips”
  • Real estate agentsonly 1,000 Alexa Skill results today!