You publish Broadcasts (mini podcasts like flash briefings) on Those immediately push out to any Alexa device. Your audience, listeners, clients, or customers enable your Alexa Skill (which is like downloading an app, but for voice). Then when you broadcast, they get a notification.

Onramp Invest shared an audiogram on LinkedIn from their recent WealthVoice broadcast. Anthony Fiedler commented:

“Oh very cool – will that update as you guys provide more news / does it pull from a certain site or what’d that look like for adding to the workflow/processes? Very unique!”

Here’s how Tyrone Ross explains WealthVoice simply:

Yep, it updates as we provide more news. We record them and them put them out through WealthVoice.

Tyrone Ross, CEO Onramp Invest

That’s it. You can drop your smooth velvety tones (mp3 voice recording) on our mobile site or desktop. You can record a voice memo on your phone or go with your full podcast microphone setup (video).

Try it out:

Onramp Invest Alexa skill icon
Open Onramp Invest on Alexa to hear the latest update