Mini podcast content ideas: What you can talk about

  1. FAQ. Answer clients’ most commonly asked question(s). If there are several FAQ, each one can be a separate broadcast.
  2. Quotes. Share your favorite motivational or investing quote. Example: “Time in the market beats market timing every time.” Explain what this means to you and why it’s important.
  3. Blog recap. Give three tips or insights from your latest blog post. Then tell people they can read the rest at [YOUR URL].
  4. Preview. Tease your upcoming content. Example: Hear a snippet for inspiration from James Werner at Silicon Hills Wealth doing their monthly content preview of what’s to come on their podcast and blog.
  5. Voice tweet. Share your top tweet from the last month or quarter. Check your Twitter Analytics ( to find out what was the most popular content. Then give a one-minute deep dive on why the idea from the tweet is important.

Want a pre-written script to get you rolling or make this even easier? We offer 3-minute mini-podcast scripts on personal finance topics. A bundle of 4 scripts targets your audience by age or life stage.

Check out WealthVoice Scripts powered by Content 151:

Content Idea: Your Top Tweet

Use this Sample Script Inspired by Your Tweet

Go to Twitter Analytics for either your personal or company account. Look at your top tweets. Choose your favorite. Preface it like this:

Example script:

Hi, this is [YOUR NAME] from [YOUR COMPANY OR PODCAST]. Many of you have shared that this concept is very helpful for you when it comes to [TOPIC OR AREA OF THEIR LIVES]. I want to highlight it once again. Here’s our top tweet from last month: [READ THE ACTUAL TWEET.]

Follow us @YOUR-TWITTER-HANDLE for more and tap back into our WealthVoice app by enabling our Alexa Skill, “[YOUR SKILL NAME] or visit our voice hub page at [YOUR-SITE.COM/VOICE].”

Spend a minute or two adding color, explaining exactly what you mean or why this concept matters.

Share your Broadcast on social media:

You can share audiograms like this to preview your content and promote your Alexa Quick Link.

📈 Audiograms get 400% more engagement than other post types!

How you broadcast on WealthVoice (share updates on Alexa):

You have two options:

A) Sync your existing podcast RSS feed and every new episode gets publishing to Alexa with a notification. Example customer doing this: “Alexa, ask Financially Well for the latest episode.

B) Upload your final edited voice recording .mp3 or .wav audio files to WealthVoice Broadcasts. (Text works fine too.)

Equipment: You can record on a mic or simply use your phone’s voice memos app (read more recording tips here to optimize iPhone Voice Memos.)

Your episode or broadcast goes out instantly to Alexa devices with a gentle notification for everyone who enabled your skill.

People can say, “Alexa, ask [YOUR SKILL NAME] for the update.”


Recap how this all works:


We build you a custom Skill so you can claim your branded invocation (your 2-3 word unique phrase for Alexa) and send hands-free updates like this on Alexa and social media.

Your audience, clients, or customers enable your Skill. 

You send Broadcasts (or new podcast episodes) through WealthVoice and your audience gets them hands-free.

You can promote your voice content on social media with audiograms. Example: This audiogram is a clip is from Silicon Hills Wealth’s broadcast (which is a mini podcast or briefing shared on Alexa through 

As a Platinum customer, you’ll get two custom audiograms per month done for you. Then you have engaging assets ready to go for social media. Pro and Premium customers can use a template to create your own audiograms. Contact us for customized plans.