Check out this video and podcast chock full of insights and tips for your marketing, branding, using voice technology, and how psychology always factors into getting people to love your product or services. YouTube and Spotify links below.

Host Ed Lopez is the Managing Director, Head of Product Management at VanEck. In this episode Ed chats with Emily Binder, Founder of WealthVoice, about:

  • the growth of voice marketing (2022 smart speaker and podcast trends, stats, why it’s important)
  • the best definition of brand: how to create a delta between your competitors and you
  • how financial advisors and finserv companies can differentiate their brand and create true fans
  • ways to create impactful content (which marketing channels work)
  • the story behind WealthVoice and Beetle Moment Marketing (when the universe winks at you)

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Listen on Spotify: “Alexa, differentiate my brand” with Emily Binder – Trends with Benefits hosted by Ed Lopez

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Show notes: Trends with Benefits #81: “Alexa, Differentiate My Brand” with Emily Binder

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