Annual and Monthly Billing

Month-to-month plans

If you are looking for a WealthVoice subscription with the greatest level of flexibility, month-to-month plans offer this. Even though we have a 100% customer retention rate (no one has ever cancelled), we are still happy to offer this option to give you maximum flexibility.

Annual plans (most popular)

You can be rewarded with savings by purchasing an annual commitment, either with monthly billing (most common) or with one upfront payment for even greater savings (email your request to billing at wealthvoice dot ai or talk to you sales rep for details). Annual subscriptions come with a twelve month commitment and they renew yearly after the twelfth month of service.

The renewal of an annual plan that is paid monthly can be turned off anytime during the year, however this only prevents the plan from renewing for another year and monthly billing will continue until the annual commitment expires. One of the benefits of the annual commitment plan is the discounted monthly rate on the subscription. If you decide to cancel your annual commitment early, a plan price adjustment charge equivalent to the amount of savings received thus far will apply.

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