About Us

WealthVoice is the simple platform for hands-free branding and marketing.

  • It’s a content management system (CMS) for Alexa Skills.
  • It’s consulting and personal attention.
  • It’s a voice marketing Shop.

WealthVoice was founded in 2019 by Emily Binder, a voice marketing strategist, consultant, and emerging technology speaker because she saw a need for an easy way for non-experts to harness the fastest growing technology: voice.

We launched our first customer’s Alexa Skill in summer 2020 and now support voice apps on four continents in multiple languages.

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Our approach from Day 1 has been to build a tool that solves a key problem: that digital communication platforms are saturated and people feel disconnected and overwhelmed by information.

We’re a boutique SaaS with a personal touch.

We stay in our lane and don’t bloat features but continually upgrade the UX for our customers and their audiences.

We value simplicity, transparency, and connection. We’re here to empower financial professionals, coaches, podcasters, marketers, and brands to build lasting business relationships and stand out from the crowd.

Technology should be friendly, easy, and designed for natural use. It should enhance your brand and business efficiently, not take up more of your time.

We’re here for that.

Team & Advisors

Featured Customers’ Alexa Skills:

We’re working to build the simplest and most effective content management system to market your business and easily share your voice, accessibly. 

We care about:

  • building a quality product
  • trusted relationships with our customers
  • approaching business from a human center focused on connection

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