Engage Clients and Build Trust

Send voice updates
to your clients

Alexa notification on Echo Show - Plancorp unread message

Engage Clients and Build Trust

Send voice updates
to your clients

Alexa notification on Echo Show - Plancorp unread message

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Interviews / Media

VanEck Trends with Benefits Podcast: “Alexa, Differentiate My Brand” with Emily Binder

The Resilient Advisor Show (FinancialAdvisor.TV): How To Use WealthVoice To Grow Your Business with Emily Binder

SALT New York Sideline Report with Leanna Haakons: Emily Binder Explains Voice Marketing on Smart Speakers

Customer Testimonials

Peter Lazaroff

Peter Lazaroff, CFA, CFP®

Chief Investment Officer, Plancorp

Thank you, Emily Binder and WealthVoice for helping us launch this latest marketing initiative for Plancorp.
(LinkedIn comment)


Adam Holt headshot round for WealthVoice testimonial

H. Adam Holt, CFP®, ChFC®

CEO & Founder, Asset-Map Holdings

“In 2018 I said on a main platform keynote that Amazon would be where consumers go for the financial marketplace. Imagine what will happen when your brand has NO presence here. Thank you WealthVoice for helping us make this happen!”
(LinkedIn comment)


Tyrone Ross

CEO, Onramp Invest

Cooked up with the brilliant @emilybinder today. There’s some cool things coming up with @Onrampinvest and @WealthVoiceAI.

Reach All Your Clients at Once

Highlight your team and services.

Fill out Bios/Topics: employees, products, services, what’s new, or FAQ

Communicate quickly with less effort.

The benefits of podcasting without the time commitment.

Impress prospects and clients

Dazzle with hands-free tech: share your brand on 20,000 types of Alexa devices

Broadcast via Alexa whenever you want.

Notifications on smart speakers & your updates on mobile (Amazon app).

Cut through all the digital noise.

44% of people want to receive less email.
Play in an uncrowded channel.

Get your day back. Fast easy marketing.

Send a Broadcast in minutes. Reach people efficiently, but personally.

Some of Our Customers

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Don’t Miss The Trend

Voice Technology Is Growing Faster Than Smartphones Did

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Try It: Alexa Quick Links

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Custom Sonic Branding

White Label Client Welcome Gift- Echo Show 5 Alexa from WealthVoice

The Sound of Your Brand

Get music (sonic branding) for your podcast intro, YouTube videos, Alexa Skills, apps, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WealthVoice?

WealthVoice is like Squarespace or WordPress but instead of managing your website, we let you manage your voice app on Alexa. Our main offering is app.wealthvoice.ai, a content management system (CMS) that lets you easily create a voice app (a custom Alexa Skill) which is like your hands-free homepage. Use it for marketing campaigns (one-off use cases for novel voice marketing) or keeping in touch with your audience (drop a broadcast anytime and your audience gets it on Alexa). Use it to distribute your podcast and add interactivity and host bios.

A key feature beyond your Welcome, About Us, and Bios/Topics is Broadcasts. This is how you sync new podcast episodes via RSS and/or send voice updates with Alexa Notifications. You can promote your company or brand, feature employees or FAQ, or Broadcast timely messages- even from an iPhone Voice Memo in minutes.

Your WealthVoice app has two main purposes:

1) It’s like your homepage, but for voice. Your invocation phrase is like your dot com.

2) It enables you to send Broadcasts (voice recordings or text-to-speech) to your audience anytime on their Alexa device or mobile phone. These can be voice memos, mini podcasts (one time sync your RSS), or full podcasts. These can be scripted, casual, pre-scheduled, or on-the-go.

What is a Broadcast / a WealthVoice?

Broadcasts are mini podcasts you send through WealthVoice. They can be any length but average about 2-3 minutes. When you upload your .mp3 or .wav to WealthVoice, you can publish now or schedule it in the future. Some people batch schedule weekly updates. There is no required cadence, unlike a Flash Briefing or weekly podcast. Your audience gets an Alexa Notification and can ask to hear your latest update. Examples: “Alexa, ask Asset-Map for the latest update.” / “Alexa, ask Framework Podcast for the latest episode.”

Hear a sample broadcast in this audiogram from Justin Castelli at Onramp Invest.

Broadcasts can be done as one-off updates or we can sync your podcast RSS feed so that every new episode goes out as a broadcast. Read more about content ideas for your broadcasts / WealthVoices.

Do you have podcast scripts I can use?

Yes! If you want to share your voice but aren’t sure what to say or need inspiration, click here for our WealthVoice Script Bundles.

Each mini-podcast content bundle includes four scripts with callouts for how you can customize the text to highlight the value you bring to the table. (Don’t want to customize? Just use them as-is!)

What you get:

  • Bundles each have 4 scripts
  • Each script is tailored for a ~3 minute voice recording
  • Choose from two audience options
  • Read a script as-is or follow prompts to add your own tweaks
  • Record as a voice memo or mp3 and share on your podcast, audiograms, or as a WealthVoice Broadcast

Check out WealthVoice Scripts.

Is WealthVoice related to podcasting?

Yes, because your Broadcasts are essentially mini podcasts. The difference is that you can choose your cadence with WealthVoice: there is no set schedule as is expected with a podcast (e.g. weekly). This gives you more flexibility while retaining the value of an authentic voice relationship with your listeners.

Alternatively, you could put your podcast RSS feed into WealthVoice so that your audience gets notified via Alexa whenever you publish a new episode. It’s up to you whether you use WealthVoice for special broadcasts or to share an existing podcast.

Can I put my podcast on WealthVoice?

Yes, you can simply paste your RSS feed and we’ll push any new episodes out as Broadcasts with Alexa Notifications. The benefit to having a custom Skill for your podcast is the ability to add interactive content with our Bio/Topic slots, such as “Tell me about the host.”

You can sync your RSS and still do exclusive WealthVoice Broadcasts in between regular episodes, like bonus or teaser content.

What is an Alexa Quick Link?

Alexa Quick Link is an easy link that website, or online ads that customers can click to launch your skill from a website, mobile app, or online ad. This makes it easy for people to launch your Alexa app from any device. You’ll get a Quick Link like this with your WealthVoice skill. Here’s an example of social media post sharing Asset-Map’s Alexa Quick Link.

Video: Marketing with Your Alexa Quick Link + How Find Yours

Why does my business need voice marketing?

  1. You need to communicate and most channels such as social media and email are crowded. Voice lets you stand out while building a stronger connection in the part of the brain where emotion and memory are stored.

    We know that purchase decisions are highly emotional rather than rational. And brand lives in the subconscious. Voice is a direct route to your audience’s emotions and ability to feel affinity and trust for your brand or business. It’s a key ingredient in retaining and growing your business through content marketing (vs paid advertising where your CAC will be a constant cost with no brand leverage).

    Voice is the fastest growing technology because it’s accessible, hands-free, and intimate in a way text simply can’t be. Establishing your voice presence is similar to building your website in the early days of the internet, but the difference is that voice is already ubiquitous through the rise of podcasting (which hit a waterloo moment of over 50% of the U.S. adult population has listened to a podcast in 2019).

  2. Effective marketing is about attention. Being present where attention allows your target audience to see and hear you. Voice is the fastest growing area where attention is heading. When we look at the eras of technology moving from the PC to the smartphone to voice, the companies who took advantage of emerging platforms to claim their brand, establish their presence, be accessible where attention lives, were successful whether that was those first to the internet, first to blogging, first to social media and YouTube, and now first to voice.

    Voice marketing is a key component of a modern content marketing strategy. Podcasting is a highly effective medium for building an intimate connection and sticky trust over time, demonstrated by the efficacy of host-read ads or testimonials: they outperform any other type of ad. Read more on our blog.

Why do I need WealthVoice?

  1. Communicating consistently and authentically builds your brand to attract new leads and solidifies existing client relationships. A strong brand and marketing strategy results in long-term business, a greater share of wallet, and deeper trust. WealthVoice blends the benefits of content marketing and modern communications. To build a trustworthy professional brand, you already invest in content marketing, namely social media, blogging, podcasting, and/or email marketing. To be easily reachable you invest in table stakes comms tools, namely your phone and email. Having a WealthVoice app boosts your content marketing out of the “crawl phase”, i.e. Facebook posts and email blasts to “run phase”, i.e. a hands-free voice experience on the #1 voice assistant (Alexa). Voice marketing cuts through the clutter of other digital channels. Voice gives you a direct, intimate channel to reach clients in a one-to-one manner, capitalizing on the same intimacy that has propelled mass adoption and success of podcasts.
  2. Text-based communication including email and social media are crowded, noisy, and with U.S. screen time averaging 11 hours a day, people feel saturated. (In fact, 44% of people say that businesses could improve the client experience by sending emails less frequently.) With smart speakers being the fastest-growing consumer technology of all time, even outpacing the adoption of the smartphone, having a professional voice presence now is better than just a hedge for where the future of attention might be; it’s an investment in where the puck is clearly headed. 

Do you have tutorials, videos, or Help?

Yes, here is our YouTube playlist and our Help Center. Needot get in touch? Email your account manager or hello at wealthvoice dot ai.

What is an Alexa Skill?

Short answer: It’s a voice app that livs on Alexa.

Medium answer: An Alexa Skill is a voice-driven capability designed for Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, allowing users to interact with devices using natural language commands to perform specific tasks or access information. Skills can range from third-party applications to custom functionalities created by developers for a diverse range of purposes.

Are Alexa Skills free?

Yes, Skills are free to enable. Some Skills offer ISP (In Skill Purchasing) however all WealthVoice Skills are free to the end user (your audience). Pricing for WealthVoice includes a one-time setup fee and a monthly subscription; request a demo for details.

How long has WealthVoice been around?

We were founded in March 2020 and launched our first customer Skill in September 2020. Learn more about us.

What is an Alexa skill?

Alexa Skills are voice-controlled apps available on thousands of types of Alexa-powered devices from smart speakers to smartphones to cars, the Fire TV, and more.

You can enable and disable Skills using the Alexa mobile app or a browser, like you install and uninstall apps on your smartphone or tablet.

Skills are voice-driven Alexa capabilities that let people interact with your brand and content hands-free. Skills are opened with invocation phrases such as, “Alexa, enable Plancorp Perspective.” / “Alexa, ask Plancorp Perspective for the latest update.”

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